“Amulet is a breath of fresh air to the darkwave scene. Soulful, dark, and mysterious, their songs invoke mystery and delight. They put on one hell of a live show, and are just wonderful all around.”

–Christopher Canter, Founder and Managing Editor, Procession Magazine

About Amulet

Amulet is bass-driven, dark romantic electro-rock with powerful female vocals founded by bassist MJ Phoenix and vocalist Stephanie Stryker out of Washington, D.C.

Amulet’s stage performance is highly visual and energetic using entrancing visual effects and fashion to create a unique, stylish and unforgettable show. With a catalog ranging from high-energy post punk to soulful a cappella movements, to electronic dance beats, Amulet is a ride through the emotional journey that is the dark side of the human experience.

The band’s live lineup is rounded out by guitarist and producer Bob Carr.


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