House of Black + White

Full Length Album | April 2021
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  1. House of Black + White
  2. Last Ditch
  3. Vampire
  4. Valentine’s Day
  5. Ghost of You
  6. Little Black Dress
  7. In Silence We Die
  8. Falling Down 
  9. The Bauhaus
  10. Gaslight 
  11. Where’s the Rain
  12. Out of Control
  13. Witchfinder 
  14. Clear Blue Sky 
  15. Over You 
  16. House of Black + White (Live)

Perfect Fusion { The Remixes :}

Remix Album | October 2022
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  1. Out of Control (Nothing Left to Say – The Joy Thieves Remix)
  2. Last Ditch (Stabbing Westward Remix)
  3. House of Black + White (Grendel Remix)
  4. Vampire (11Grams vs This Droid Remix)
  5. Ghost of You (Red This Ever Remix)
  6. Gaslight (V2 Monster–Stoneburner Remix)
  7. Falling Down (unitcode:machine Remix)



Single | June 2021
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Amulet’s first single sets the tone with this sexy gothic rock jam. There’s a vampire within: looking for that one kiss to activate its passion, free itself, and fulfill its destiny as the true animal of carnal desire.


Last Ditch

Single | July 2021
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Described by music writer Ken Magerman (Sounds and Shadows) as having “badass swamp curse energy” and “ground shaking basslines,” Last Ditch begins with a dirge and ends with powerful vocals to raise the dead.

Secrets and Lies

Single | December 2021
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Amulet went in a completely different direction from their first album with this track and produced a dark lounge gem. Echoing Peggy Lee or Amy Irving with walking bass, piano and saxophone.